Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 01/02/2006~

Today, after quite sometimes, i'm back at the driving range. It's been a while, i would say. Today, only i noticed that i hadn't had enough time for myself since i left everything behind. For nearly half a year, my time was full of workloads. There was a fun-filled-good-time once before i've been a slave for myself (should i say 'slave'?)...i'm devoting myself with works mostly. There's no more fun-filled day in my life. I left my friends, my beloved ones, my own feeling, just to make sure that i'll move on and gonna through this! It's actually not quite a big deal for me. I've taught to be independent, to love myself, to cherish the moment i've been through, to respect others, and bout all the good and bad things in life. Thus, i'm gonna take these to make my life easier. That's why i said, being a workaholic is not such a big deal for me. But, somehow i realize i have to have a quality time for myself...which i hope a second would do :) coz time flies (though somehow, sometimes, i feel lonely). I want to achieve something, not that extraordinary, but something which i can be proud of (what, you didn't before, did you?). Well, man will never satisfied for what they have. That's including me.
Luckily, alhamdulillah, i have someone who can really guide me through the journey. With his help, and God's willing, we gonna get what we wanted. He is special to me, VERY i would say. I love him, but i can't do much. I can't have him for the rest of my life. But i'm pretty sure, whenever we achieve our dreams, that gonna be the best moment i will never had in my entire life. And frankly, whatever you give, will give and have given me, i take those as precious gifts i have ever received from someone i love. Coz i know, we both are complicated... As a good friend of mine said it once, "Enjoy your moment spent together while you both can still enjoy it. Never regret coz those gonna be precious to both of you. Trust me!" I can't agree more for what she's said...but, can i do the things she said? Well i guess i have to try or else times fly by...which i hate the most.
To my good friend, how i really wish my story gonna be ended like yours...and thanks a million for all the advices, the talks we had, the fun we enjoyed, the laughter we made, the sadness we shared...and mostly everything! I miss those moment. Not forgetting, congrats on your recent surprising news! I'm happy for both of you (since the three of us are good friends :)) Finally you both gonna live happily ever after..hehehe...
To my beloved friend, sometimes, somehow, we're giving each other a really hard times. But i really enjoy being with you. I feel protected and be loved (though not always). But i know, deep inside your heart, there's a feeling that you can't tell. I'm still be thankful for your existance in my life though. In other words, i love you...thank you for being there whenever i need a shoulder to cry on. You are a part of my life and you are someone i can count on. Trust me, i never feel the way i do, to a guy like you, not even to my 'someone'. I love you, my dear friend...

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