Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 03/09/2005~

Know what i've learnt during my recent assignment in Ipoh?...Hmmm, it was GOLF..One of the last thing on earth i would do (read it as 'before' this...) All these while, throughout the years, i never like the sport. I always think that people who play golf is should i put it?...nevermind, forget it!

Anyway, GOLF? Why golf? Why now? Mom has pushed me to try it out since i finished studying. But, she would never succeed to persuade me. Till the day my producer and the crew brought me over to the Ipoh Driving Range...i really thought it was nonsense. What am i going to do while you guys having fun hitting that small tiny little ball? It was a hot sunny day...and i really didn't like it at all. In fact, they forced me to hit the ball! But, after a while, it changed my mind. Yeah, i started to like it. Hehe...funny isn't it? How could that be? I have no, since that particular day, we went to the same place nearly EVERY day...whenever we finished working, we'll be at the driving range.

Now i'm back in KL...and been spending time at driving range whenever possible. Sorry, mom! I have to admit that i'm gonna spend more time on it and practise my hit till i got it right...the best thing of playing golf is, i have friends who share the same interest. And a free coaching too! Hahaha! Thanks, guys! You are the best!

Today i got my 1st ever golf set....there goes my saving....but i don't feel regret. I'm satisfied and gonna do it right...with the right coach, of course...I'm sure i'm gonna do it better..although it may gonna take some times....but, least, i can keep fit, improve my focus (which has already out of the track lately), and i'm gonna have fun!

Can't wait for tomorrow...hehehe....(still, it just a small tiny little ball!)

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