Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 25/05/2005~

"How u feel being 27 and still single?"

What a question...think easy to answer, is it? Well, somehow i try to answer it in 2 ways...

1) Being 27 is great! As i grow older, i'm wiser...Seriously, i know my limitation. Now, i would rather listen to people than to accuse them of things...hehehe...So, once i heard the question, i think twice, or more...I've received, learnt, and got so many valuable things in life of being single at this age. I love my family very much! I can still be there with them and they always by my side through my ups and downs. And the best thing is, they're soooo supportive in what i'm doing...although sometimes i feel very, very upset bout something or when the time tht i've got nothing to spend with them including spare time or money.
Being 27 and still single has brought me to the best meaning of friendships...there are friends who'll be there when they need us and there are friends who'll be there when we need them. Hmm...Such a peculiar thing, but it happens in our life. Thank God, such friends exist in my life. Than only i know how important i am in their life and vice versa. We had fun together, sharing laughter and tears, and the list goes on...
Being single doesn't mean i don't have any responsibilities...I have bills to pay at the end of every single month. But, i'm happy for what i've spent. I work hard and it's such a reward to have responsibilities like this. It makes me stronger and think wisely bout spending money. The best thing is, i can travel with my very own money to places i wanna go whenever i want! Hehehe...

2) However, there are things which i don't like being single at the age of 27...Looking at my other friends whom already married and have a family to take care, somehow i envy. They're so lucky, thus, they can see their toddlers growing up at a very young age. Hmm...I can't comment much on this. For me, they're lucky enough of having their own family and path to move on.
Me? I'll wait till the time comes. I'm very sure the time will come and it will be the best moment in my entire life. I'm waiting for someone to fall in love and ready to build a great family with me ;-)

Well...this year, i would say, it's the best birthday i've ever had in my whole life! Coz, those whom i really love were with me and i won't forget the 1st whispers wishing me "Happy Birthday!" on that particular day. Thanks! I really appreciate every single moment that we've spent together.

So, being 27 and still single? Be proud of it!

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