Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 11/08/2006~

Those wacky days...early August 2006...

As my life went VERY slow, real slow-mo (luckily havent got into mental depression yet), i got an opportunity to get involve in a docu-drama, a special tv programme which will be aired on tv9 this coming 49th independence day. I dont wanna talk about the drama but the experience i gained with the most fun production team i've ever met. This particular production team has taught me the meaning of new friendship and to have fun while working under pressure.

The shooting took place in different part of districts in northern states, namely, Kuala Kangsar and Taiping (Perak), Kulim (Kedah) and Bukit Mertajam (Penang). Being involved in such working environment (for quite sometimes now), i tell you, this is hectic. We've gotta travel to different location (which is quite far from one another) in one day! A part of that, we also have to spend hours waiting for the right train to stop in Taiping railway station, or riding a nice-old bus around the village (oh, i forgot to take the photo of the bus...hisshh).

Night scene at Taiping Railway Station...the train would be here at midnight
But we managed to get away with the feeling. There was not even a stressfull thought in our mind. Know why, because of the friends i make that day...the production team itself. There were loud laughters, giggles, hectors, at everywhere, everytime, anywhere and anytime. I was just couldnt stop laughing or smiling at least. They were so funny and that's including the director.

So far, i've met directors who normally are serious or at least, very quiet. But this time around, the director is somehow as same as the other members of the crew. He giggles, laughs, makes jokes or funny faces, and smile all the way...Still we respect him. I would never forget the way he ran (it's a spontaneous thing, so i didnt grab my camera) or sang (oh, he likes singing and has a good voice too). And still, the smile on his face...
There were 3 vans -ViP (as they called it..hihi), equipment, crew, and 2 cars -Gen-2, Perdana, consist of 18 of us! It's quite a big production team (and transportation) i would say (yea laa, for such a short docu-drama..) I could easily know and get together with each and every single person in the team, only on day 1!

Each person has his/her own character that i'll never forget. I will always remember the words they utter, the laugh they made, the jokes they respond to, every single thing...
Like, "Eh, banyaknya flyover kat sini" (ey, there's a lot of flyover here) was when there was a lot of flies at the cendol stall and someone said it. He intended not to hurt the stall owner's feeling.
or, "Saya nak cendol, tapi tak mau itu hijau-hijau (cendol)" (i want cendol without the cendol)...i just cant still imagine or really know the intention of the person. But then, the hawker gave him a bowl of ABC (air batu campur) without anything inside except blended ice with syrup...and that was after the 2nd bowl ordered by the person.

Someone had also got onto the Gen-2 and clinged on the bonnet after dinner on the last night we had together. It was lasted for few minutes and been for 100 meters away from the parking lot. 

Well, it was actually one of my hectic-yet-fun schedules in my life. The holiday that i supposed to have, ended with a stand-in job. But i love it! Maybe because of the working environment i got this time, a different one!

At the end of the day, i have new friends...and having good time is the most important aspect in whatever i do. Looking forward to having good time again (or, the real holiday)...till then...............................

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