Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 03/09/2005~

The day I saw you, it was nothing.
But as your presence kept on showing,
with the way you talk, you laugh, you smile,
and as you drove me miles and miles,
I started enjoying your existence,
and at that point I kept my distance.
I merely watch with words unspoken.
For I realized, we both were taken.
I kept my feelings because I am scared.
I never meant to treat you bad.
But as you talk of girls you like,
I kept telling myself, "Go take a hike."
As time went by, I kept my silence.
To say 'I love you', I thought was nonsense.
I see the future, we are not together.
I kept thinking I will not stay forever.
So I deny the way I feel,
believe that time will make it heal.
I never plan to tell you anything.
So I will not be excited over everything.
Now I am sad because you know,
I want to love but I could not show.
I am so scared that I cannot let go.
The worst part is you like me so.
Since then I cried for what to do,
I miss you so much if you only knew.
I could not bring myself to say
or how I wish for you to stay.
I really want to show I care
but still the future is not ours to share.
And each time I think, it brings despair.
Because losing you, I cannot bear!

(...copyright reserved, V...)

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