Wednesday, November 25, 2009

~nota pada 26/09/2005~

That was it...the longest ever assigned week in my entire life! Never felt like it before although it's as usual as my other assignment...Phew! Finally i'm back in town after 8 days working as hell out of me...

Rasa lama sangat keja aku kali ni...pasal apa ek? Setiap hari menghitung masa yang lambat sangat berlalu....i miss everything back at home! I miss my bed, my pillows (more than u can imagine....), i miss every single thing i left at home...especially my baby....I really miss it!

Anyway, there's nothing much to talk bout Alor Star, Kedah...Yeah, i can't agree more on the spectacular view of the mountain, hills, paddy-fields, villages...such a remarkable feeling being surrounded by those scenic view. For a moment, somehow i forgot bout things which hurt me most, and i forgot what had happened to me for the last few months...i felt relief, free from those heartache and headache...i tried to gain back my strength...i believe that time cools, time clarifies and time will heal all my feelings, perceptions towards is such that things happen when you least expect them.

I met a few long-lost friends there...I can never thank them for spending such a short time with me, just because they missed having me around. We had a great chat over our old-time-students' life...of how great it was being students, didn't have to think much bout responsibilities. All we know was only studied for exam purposes. Now things change...each of us has our own way of life...they might be married, having a great family, some may have difficulties in their marriage, but me...Somehow i'm proud of myself, though i'm still single, yet i'm happy with the way i lead my life. I love my job, trying my best to build up a business, with the guide, help, sacrifice and working hand in hand from a very good-loving friend of mine...And i will never feel regret because of it.

The best thing was, there's a friend whom sacrifice his day-off, drove all his way up from penang, just to meet me before i left the state. And all because of the friendship which has been tied up for quite sometimes. Maybe that's the true meaning of friendship. I can never thank them for that...

It might be the longest ever assigned week for me, but i learnt something from it...Each moment of life is miracle and mystery. And I shall remember and treasure all the precious moment i've spent with whom i love throughout the years...

"There are 2 kind of friends: Those who are around you when you need them, and those who are around you when they need you."

So, which type of friend are YOU belong?

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